1. How much does it cost to host a Bedroom Kandi party? Bedroom Kandi parties are FREE! Have a fun night with your friends and learn something new, when you invite a Bedroom Kandi Consultant to join you!

2.What are the benefits of hosting a party? When you host a party with Bedroom Kandi, you earn a free and discounted products! During this fun get together, you’ll also learn about sexual health, wellness and self-care.

3. Who should I invite? Everyone! Seriously, at Bedroom Kandi, everyone is welcome -- women and men are welcome both at our parties, and as consultants!

4. If I have guests that can’t make it to the party, can they still place an order? Yes; your guests can contact the consultant to place an order, or they can shop through the Consultant's website with the Party ID #. Be sure to add the Party ID at the last step of checking out, so you get credit for their purchase!

5. Do I need a big space to host a party? No! We can make a Bedroom Kandi party happen anywhere! Your Consultant will be your guide.