1. Do I have to have experience?
No, you do not. Just because you don't have any experience doing home parties, it doesn't mean you won't have the opportunity if you want it. If you're creative, a self-starter, and willing to learn, you could be our next superstar!

2. Do I have to buy a kit?
Yes. Otherwise, how will you be able to show your party guests the wonderful products we carry? There are multiple starter kit options for you to choose from.

3. What does the kit cost?
There are multiple starter kit options for you to choose from at different price levels.

4. How would I get parties?
It will be your job to book your parties. Start off with your friends and family. Use your social networks, etc. You will see your business grow if you stay consistent. We get a huge volume of online party leads which we are happy to share with our consultants who are 2 Star & higher. We have an automated party lead system which includes organizational tools for easy lead management in your consultant dashboard.

5. How much will I make?
This will vary because it's a commission-based business. You'll start off at 40% commission, with the potential to increase your commission rate. You are in control of how much money you will earn. Since you are your own boss, you have that flexibility -- if you want to earn more, simply book more parties and sponsor new team members. You are responsible for your own success.

6. How will I get paid?
When your customers pay for their orders at a party, you receive all payments that night. Later, you will submit the party online to Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties and be charged your discounted purchase rate for those orders. Your profit (commission) stays in your pocket! Keep in mind that it can take a day or two for credit cards and checks to post to your bank account after they clear. Whenever you've earned a bonus or perk, you'll be paid by check or debit card in the following month.

7. Do I have to recruit?
No, you do not have to recruit. You may choose to recruit if you would like to create another stream of income, or if you enjoy a leadership role.

8. Do I have to carry an inventory?
That is up to you! We want to make it easy for you. Not having to carry stock means none of your own money is tied up in inventory.

9. How often are new products added to the BK line?
We add new products throughout the year, but we're pretty picky about quality and design so that you'll offer only the BEST product to your potential customers! New products are typically announced at our annual Convention.

10. Is there a sales quota?
No. Unlike many other party companies, there is no quota. Do a party once a month, once a week, or once a year! Of course, the more parties you book, the more you'll make. So whether this is what you do as your main source of income, something you do to supplement your current "J-O-B", or something you do for fun while making some extra money, it's entirely up to you.

11. Will I have to pack and deliver the orders myself?
You may carry your own inventory, or you may use our drop-ship program. All of the discreetly packaged orders will ship directly to your host or the party guest themselves.

12. Am I responsible for paying for the Host Rewards?
Yes, you will be responsible for the 10% Host Credit, but Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties also has a subsidized program of discounted products to reward your host.

13. What marketing materials am I able to use?
We have approved logos, YouTube videos for instructional purposes and PDF sell sheets. Consultants will have access to a vast online resource center, which will be filled with many helpful training and promotional tools.

14. I sell products for another company too. Is it OK to show those products at a party, after I've completed my Bedroom Kandi demonstration?
No. We have a strict NO co-mingling policy. This means that you cannot represent Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties, and another company, at the same party or event. Your Bedroom Kandi hosts and customers must be kept completely separate of your other business.

15. What if I find that it's not a fit for me? Will I have to give everything back?
We understand that not every business is for everyone. If you find it may not be a fit for you right now, you are free to resign and keep the kit for yourself. Remember, the kit items are not allowed to be re-sold ... you'll just have to find enjoyment with them in your own bedroom!