As a BKBC, you will join me in my mission of playing an important role in the discussion of sexuality issues, well-being, and responsibility. You will also become an ambassador for the concept of bringing fun and luxury back into the bedroom. Don't worry—the Bedroom Kandi team will be with you every step of the way, offering our full support to help you be as successful as possible. The program is designed as a "drop ship" program meaning that you will not have to carry inventory. Simply purchase the starter kit, display products at your parties and then place orders to the BKBP home office.

The BKBC program is a fantastic opportunity for self-empowerment. You can teach, motivate, and inspire. You can throw the best parties on the block, or develop a productive and lucrative team. It's up to you. Our structure is uncomplicated but rewarding, both financially and personally. If you're ready to bring the Bedroom Kandi Boutique to homes and lives across the country, please join our team. The adventure has just begun.

Learn How it Works
APPLY to become a consultant and order your Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant kit, which includes a sampling of the gorgeous products offered in the line as well as all of the supplies needed to start your business.
LEVERAGE your social media platforms and reach out to your friends and family to start organizing party "Hostesses".
SHOW OFF our range of high quality, affordable products using your samples and our online marketing materials. We have a robust online resource center full of videos, flyers, and documents to help you promote your business.
TAKE ORDERS, submit them to us, and start earning income!


The ways in which a BKBC can earn money is broken down into 3 components. The main component is the purchase discount. These levels range from Bronze to Diamond. See chart for the various payouts at each level. The more parties you organize, the more money you'll make.

EXAMPLE: You've already reached a Gold level for purchase discounts and you book 3 parties this month. Each party generates sales of $500, so as a Gold BKBC you would earn $600.

On top of the purchase discounts, you could be eligible to earn income from your team as well as matching bonuses on their commissionable earnings.

Once you reach a certain level, you will stay there for three months!
This is an extraordinary BKBP BONUS that differs from other home party plans!

* Purchase and commission payouts are based on sales volume from the previous month.

Purchase Discount Chart


Team Commissions Chart

The team commission component rewards you for building and motivating a team of highly trained consultants by earning commissions on their sales. Your commission % is based on the number of active consultants on your team. The more active consultants on your team, the higher the % commission you'll earn. The commission structure ranges from 1 star (3%) to 5 stars (7%).

EXAMPLE: As a 3 Star team leader, you'll earn a 5% commission on your team's sales. If you have a team of 15 active consultants selling $1,000 each in a given month, you would earn $750.

NOTE: Commissions on your team volumes is not contingent on reaching personal purchasing discount levels or visa versa. For example, you can be a 1 Star/Platinum earning a 45% purchasing discount with 1-5 members earning a commission of 3%. OR you can be a 5-Star/Gold BKBC with a 40% purchase discount with 21+ team members earning a commission of 7%!

* Active team member commissions are based on active, directly sponsored consultants. To qualify, active team members must have at least $500 in sales. For instance, if you have 15 team members and 11 sell at least $500 in the previous month, you will qualify for a 3-star commission payout (or five percent of their individual retail volumes). You must be an active BKBC with at least $500 in personal retail sales to earn team commissions.


You'll earn a matching bonus on your team's commissioned earnings. Recruit and train quality people and earn a bonus payout based on the commissions that your downline earn from their team. Earn between 10% and 50% matching bonus. Your matching bonus % is tied to your team star level. You must be active with at least $500 in retail sales to earn a matching bonus.

EXAMPLE: As a 3 Star team leader, you have 15 active team members who in turn each have 5 Silver team members on their team. They would earn 4% on their own team's sales - and you would earn 30% from the commissionable earnings from their team or $900 in that month.

* Matching Bonus: Payout for the matching bonus is calculated on the previous month's commissionable earnings from your active sponsored team. Your matching bonus level is based on your team status (e.g., 1-star, 2-star).

Matching Bonus Chart


When you advance to the next level, for example from Bronze to Silver, you'll receive a check for $100! Same with your team building success ... If you go from a 1 Star to a 2 Star leader, you'll receive a $100 bonus check. So get to the next level and treat yourself to something you've had your eye on! Note: Example: If you go from Bronze to Silver, then back to Bronze, you won't receive another bonus when you progress back to Silver. This is a one-time advancement perk!


Reaching a certain status leads to great things! Besides being given plenty of home office party leads (Silver and above):

Bedroom Kandi Perks


KIT COST: The Kit costs $499.00 plus tax and a flat rate shipping charge of $15 and will be shipped directly to you. The kit purchase includes a variety of products & supplies that will get you up & running in your new business - as well as 2 months of FREE admin fees. Remember, our incentive perks include a great way to offset the initial kit cost. You will earn $100 per level increase. Example: Going from a Bronze to a Diamond BKBC in one month would earn an extra one-time $400 bonus on top of your regular party commissions.

MONTHLY ADMIN FEE: Instead of a yearly renewal fee we have a small monthly administration fee of $10 which includes orientation, one-on-one training and access to our online resource center. The monthly fee also includes hosting for your own online Personal Boutique where you will earn full commission from your online sales. A grace period of 2 months is given to help you get up and running before any admin fees are charged.


Educate women about sexual wellness, empower them to take control of their sexual health and help to bring fun and luxury back into the bedroom by becoming a Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant.